Software Name: BitDefender Anti-Phishing Free Edition 12.0.12
Last Update: 21 Nov 2009
Licence Type: freeware
Download Size: 12.5 MB
BitDefender Anti-Phishing Free Edition is a powerful and easy to use application that enables users to protect against phishing attacks when surfing on the internet.BitDefender Anti-Phishing Free Edition is the easiest way to make sure you are protected against phishing attacks when you are surfing the Internet or chatting on an instant messaging network. This lite and easy to use tool scans accessed web sites and alerts you if there are any phishing threats. Web sites you know and trust can be added to a White List and will no longer be checked by BitDefender. BitDefender Anti-Phishing integrates directly through an intuitive and easy-to-use toolbar into the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox. BitDefender Anti-Phishing Free Edition also protects you while chatting on the following IM networks: Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live (MSN) Messenger. The person you are chatting with might (knowingly or unknowingly) send you a link to a website that is in the BitDefender database of websites used for phishing attacks. If such a link is sent, BitDefender will not allow it to be displayed in the chat window and will inform you that a link has been blocked. What's New in BitDefender Anti-Phishing Free Edition 12.0.12:

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