Software Name: RemotelyAnywhere 11.0.2673
Last Update: 21 Feb 2013
Licence Type: shareware
Download Size: 17.8 MB
RemotelyAnywhere is a powerful application that must be installed on a computer running Windows NT giving the possibility to access that computer from all over the world using just an internet browser.RemotelyAnywhere 11 offers industry leading security and performance for remote administration. Join the thousands of companies that trust RemotelyAnywhere for ensuring total access to the systems they manage.

RemotelyAnywhere (RA) now allows you to seamlessly drag and drop files and folders between connected PCs during Remote Control or File Manager sessions. Drag-and-Drop between RemotelyAnywhere computers is as simple as drag and drop between folders on a single computer. Drag files from either RemotelyAnywhere computer and drop them anywhere on the other machine.\" You can disable this feature at Security >Preferences > Remote Control > Disable Drag & Drop during Remote Control. What's New in RemotelyAnywhere 11.0.2673:

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