Software Name: Sweet Home 3D 4.5
Last Update: 23 Oct 2014
Licence Type: freeware
Download Size: 29.3 MB
Sweet Home 3D is the perfect tool for those who are trying to design their house because it practically allows you to try all your ideas absolutely free. You can also import new 3D models representing new furniture or accessories.– Fixed bugs that prevented the 3D view to be displayed when it was saved as detached, on one screen and multiples screens.
– Fixed a font issue that didn’t display correctly Chinese text in the plan under Windows and Linux.
– Fixed a bug that prevented to elevate the camera in Sweet Home 3D Viewer applet.
– Fixed a bug that didn’t initialize the Staircase check box in the furniture import wizard when an imported 3D model is modified.
– Fixed a bug that prevented to display correctly some floor rooms in the 3D view when they overlap.
– Fixed the display of texts in catalog furniture tool tips under Java 5.
– Fixed a bug that froze the program for some colored background images under Mac OS X with Java 7.
– Fixed some unexpected behaviors when furniture is dragged from the catalog under Mac OS X with Java 7.
– Improved performances of the 3D view in the Java Web Start and JAR executable versions run under Mac OS X with Java 7.
– Accepted % and # characters in dependencies of OBJ and DAE files.
– Created a 32-bit / 64-bit Windows installer which installs the 64-bit version of Sweet Home under 64-bit Windows, and its 32-bit version otherwise.
– Displayed the 32-bit / 64-bit data model of the running version in the About dialog box.
– Other minor bugs fixes and enhancements. What's New in Sweet Home 3D 4.5:

– Replaced the Loader3DS library by a new one that better interprets colors, transparency and subparts placing of 3D models at 3DS format (caution: the customization of materials set on furniture at 3DS format in previous versions of Sweet Home 3D will be lost).
– Increased to 50 the maximum count of stored points of view.
– Added a margin of error to determine whether a piece of furniture overlaps an other one, when a user wants to place it on the top of the second one.
– In the furniture list, appended an icon to the name of each piece with a defined information property, and displayed this information in a popup after a click on the icon.
– Restored the previous size of the textures choice dialog box when resized.
– Cleared search filter in the textures choice dialog box after a texture is imported.
– Forced format for sizes exported to CSV format to display decimals instead of inch fractions.
– Added an additional spacing to columns of furniture list at print time under Windows for better rendering.
– Fixed a bug that could interpret SH3D files with correct imported zipped 3D models as damaged files.
– Fixed a bug that prevented side by side alignment of superimposed pieces of furniture to work.
– Fixed wrong computation of wall corner on some horizontal walls.
– Ensured that the order in which pieces of furniture were added is kept after grouping them.
– Fixed the management of mouse cursor during drag and drop operations in the catalog.
– Delayed the disposal of the default home to avoid Java 3D fatal error in Mac OS X full screen mode.
– Updated Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese Brazilian, Russian and Polish localizations of the help.
– Other minor bugs fixes and enhancements.
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