Software Name: WellGet 1.25.0118
Last Update: 27 Nov 2009
Licence Type: freeware
Download Size: 972KB
WellGet is a download manager for a new generation. It has broken through the mode of downloading software of the tradition, by now being able to download streaming media (Through the HTTPFTPMMSRTSP protocols).Features of WellGet 1.25 :

- Divide a piece of software into 128 parts to download at the same time at
most, and can establish 20 tasks of downloading at most. Improve the speed of download to the maximum extent through such as Multithreading technology, breakpoint transmission, etc...
- Can be watched or listened to while downloading media's file,
- The media player based on DirectShow technology, str6ong and flexible, users can add the filter and expand and play media's type by oneself.
- The flexible connection reuse, support FTP MMS RTSP Connection reuse, shorten protocol conversation time by a wide margin
- Support many kinds of protocols, Such as http ftp mms RTSP
- Support Proxy Server http http socks 4&5
- The buffer memory technology of the magnetic disc, protects you hard disk
- Better support automatically and shut-down When finish downloading
- Can customize tool bar and display of downloading information
- Task that download can arrange in an order, the important file has priority download.
- Support drag download linking
- Support drag batch download linking
- Support monitor clipboard download linking
- Speed limit function, it is convenient to have a look around。
- The detector function of the website, have a look around FTP website easily
- The merger with the browser, it is more convenient to download
- Can establish different classification and deposit downloaded software into different categories.
- The strong functions of management including support are dragged, rename, add and describe, look for, automatically rename when the name of the file is repeated, etc...
- Management downloaded the file in the past
- Multilingual interface, users can translate into many kinds of languages by one, and can switch over at any time. What's New in WellGet 1.25.0118:

- Fixed a bug about http cookie.
- Fixed http referer page bug.
- Fixed http's link cannot resume.
- Fixed a bug that http protocol redirect to mmsh.
- Fixed a bug that ftp download reply error.
- Fixed ftp's link cannot resume.
- Fixed some release resource bug.
- Fixed a bug that rtsp protocol download infomation not entirely.
- Fixed IE monitor's bug.
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