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Vuze is a free if charge application that allows you to download the latest TV shows, music, movies, video games and others.

Azureus is a Java based BitTorrent client that offers multiple torrent downloads, queuing/priority systems (on torrents and files), start/stop seeding options and instant access to numerous pieces of information about your torrents. It also features an embedded tracker that is easily set up and ready to use.

Features of Vuze 5:

Find torrents easily
- Powerful torrent meta-search with login support for private trackers
- Discover high quality content on the Vuze HD network
Download fast
- Download quickly and efficiently with intelligent bandwidth, queue and speed management
- Download or stream high-quality content from the Vuze HD Network
Play on all your screens
- Sit back and savor the high-quality entertainment experience
- Now on iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3
What's New in Azureus Vuze

New Features:
- Blog | See for beta version blog posts
- Idea | See
- UI | Added option to use quick-view rather than ‘launch’ when double-clicking files [Parg]
- UI | Tag Discoveries [TuxPaper]
- UI | Use of CTRL+ in download save location field now shows auto-complete suggestions [Parg]
- UI | History size of saved download locations now configurable [Parg]
- UI | Added option in torrent options dialog to remove top level folder in multi-file torrents [Parg]
- UI | RSS subscriptions can now be added via search box [Parg]
- UI | Added ‘Tag groups’ to allow more control over tag order in the sidebar [Parg]
- UI | Tag buttons in Library views now obey visibility settings [Parg]
- UI | Option to only show tag buttons in the complete section of the Library views [Parg]
- UI | Ability to set short-cut accelerators on a per-config panel basis [Parg]
- UI | Optional ‘selected download’ aggregate up/down rates in Library header [Parg]
- UI | Console UI commands for subscriptions [Parg]
- UI | Console UI commands for tags [Parg]
- Core | Added ability set an explicit share ratio to help control seeding rules [Parg]
- Core | Option to prevent local tracker host DNS resolution when using SOCKS [Parg]
- Core | Added ‘hasNet’ to tag constraint language [Parg]
- Core | Speed limit handler ip-sets renamed to peer-sets and now support tags and networks [Parg]
- Core | Support for setting upload and download speeds to ‘disabled’ [Parg]
- UI | Brazilian Portuguese translation update [Havokdan]
- UI | Most http links in the UI now have copy-to-clipboard menu option [Parg]
- UI | Personal share menu enable/disable state not calculated for large torrents due to resource cost [TuxPaper]
- UI | Automatic renaming of torrents who’s top level folder has changed is now optional [Parg]
- UI | Prevent disabled sub-rows from being expanded in Library [Parg]
- Core | Ignore low-noise downloads when considering ‘close on download complete’ action [Parg]
- Core | Option to remove low-noise downloads from RSS Feeds [Parg]
- Core | Handle null-content type being returned by some borked feeds [Parg]
Corrected Bugs:
- Core | Fixed 100% CPU bug in search code [Parg]
- Core | Tags weren’t being propagated from subscriptions to downloads correctly [Parg]
- Core | Fix meta-data download over LT which was causing first peer to be ignored [Parg]
- Core | Fixed fast-extension exploit that could be used to waste seeding bandwidth [Parg]
- Core | Rotating bloom filters weren’t being reset correctly [Parg]
- Core | Remove some DNS leaks [Parg]

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