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DC++ is an open source client, free of any advertisements, with an easy to use interface allowing you to search and download faster the files you are looking for.

DC++ is a client for the Direct Connect file sharing network. The Direct Connect network is a decentralized network, made up of individual servers (hubs) that users join to share files with other members on that hub. Each hub is individually run by a fellow user of the Direct Connect network, and may have certain themes to the content on the hub. Hub owners set up rules to regulate their hub as they see fit.

Features of DC++ 0.8 :

- No ads, spyware, or bundled software that you don't need
- Open source software, code freely available under the GNU GPL
- Joins multiple hubs at the same time
- List of bookmark-like favorite hubs and users
- Shares large files and many files per your organization scheme
- Tiger Tree Hashes (TTH) used for file integrity
- Search across all (or selected) connected hub by type, size, or name
- Resume of downloads, with opti
What's New in DC++ 0.850:

- [L#1308290] Enable TLS v1.1 and TLS v1.2-based ADCS connections (cologic)
- Update OpenSSL to version 1.0.1k
- Fix DWT button rendering on WINE (cologic)
- [L#1206864] Fix “Require TLS ADC C-C connections” (cologic)
- Add option to disable smart chat links – recommended on Wine (poy)
- Improve UTF-8 RFC-3629 compliance (cologic)
- Remove deprecated Bitzi TTH lookup (emtee)
- Update MiniUPnP to version 1.9
- Update the NAT-PMP library
- Update translations

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