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FlashFXP Final
Size: 2.22MB

FlashFXP offers the easiest and fastest way to transfer any file using FTP, providing an exceptionally stable and robust program that you can always count on to get your job done quickly and efficiently. There are many, many features available in FlashFXP.

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Features of FlashFXP 3.2.0 Final :

- Automatic support for One Time Password (OTP) S/KEY
- Connect to sites using SSL/TLS encryption for added security.
- Strong encryption can be applied to the site manager to protect your information.
- Roll back on resumed file transfer to prevent corruption.
- Fully recursive file transferring (uploading, downloading, site to site).
- Automatically reconnect and resume a transfer from where it left off if the connection is lost or no data is received for a specified period of time.
- Advanced firewall rules allow you to limit incoming connections to a specific port range and bind sockets to external IP addresses (handy for those on a LAN and not utilizing NAT).
- FTP Proxy, HTTP Proxy, Socks 4, 5 support. (WinGate, WinProxy, MS Proxy, etc).
- Firewall support, allowing you to define a set range of local ports, or bind to a specific IP.
- Transfer files of all sizes, no 2gb/4gb size limit like some ftp clients.
- Internal ident server.
- Internal Schedule (Transfer or Stop a queue at a specific time).
- Recursive directory delete.
- Remote FTP file search.
- Download and upload speed limiting. Save some of your bandwidth for browsing the web.
- Calculate the size of all files in a specified path.
- Enhanced drag-and-drop functionality.
- Folder Bookmarks to provide one click access to any folder.
- Advanced Skip list.
- Custom file highlighting; display file masks in user defined colors.
- Optional caching of remote directory lists.
- List hidden files.
- Grouped SITE custom commands.
- Anti-idle keeps connection active.
- Import site listings from Cute FTP, WS_FTP, FTP Explorer, LeapFTP, and Bullet Proof. Including passwords!.
- Minimizes to system tray.
- Optional displaying of Owner/Groups/Attrib.
- Per Site Connectivity modes support.
- Site Stats, keeps track of your uploads/downloads and overall totals.

What's New in FlashFXP Final:

New Features:
- Queue right-click menu > Expand Folder. (Only downloads are supported)
- Added URL highlighting to Status Window.
- Improved queue <> site manager relationships to prevent an invalid queue by renaming or moving a site.
- Added Retry Failed Site to Site Transfer Setting.
- TCP/IP Download Packet Size setting.
- Multi-Proxy Server Manager.
- Added new compare folder option "Don't Size Compare ASCII Files" this option excludes ASCII files from the SIZE compare, when Compare Name & Size is selected.
- Added SSL Option to "Turn Off Fingerprint checking on Data Connection" some ftp servers that do virtual ftp sites (multiples sites within a site need this off).
- Added "Copy Site to Site Manager" right-click option to for quick connect sites in Site Manager Dialog.
- Added MODE Z support.
- Added new INI only setting to adjust the MODE Z compression level for uploads, under the "[main]" section add "Zlib_Level=value" where value is between 0 and 9.
- New bug report wizard, bug reports are now sent via http to our website rather than over email.
- Synchronized browsing (On the menu - Directory > Synchronized browsing) or hold ALT while double clicking a folder. Synchronized browsing is only supported in the file listing.
- Improved Drag/drop within the local browser.

- Updated the ftp list parser to detect UNIX:L8 and override MVS list format when SYST returns MVS.
- The raw command dialog (ctrl-r) now shares a command history with the raw command line.
- Restructured the Compare Folder option menu, Added Submenu under Tools for changing options.
- Separated Retry Failed Upload/Download Transfer Settings.
- Removed "Bypass proxy for this connection" option, now obsolete.
- Removed "Restore broken transfers" option, now obsolete.
- Command line param -restorequeue has been changed so that the temp queue that's loaded is re-used, rather than creating a new temp queue. otherwise you could end up with many temp queue files.
- Now when a file is skipped the status message displays "Skip [reason]: filename" reason could be smaller, larger, equal, manual, skiplist, skipall.
- Auto fallback on PROT P or PROT C failure with error 534 as defined in RFC 2228.
- Implicit SSL now allows the user to turn off SSL for data connections, some ftp servers allow this behavior.
- Calculate free space on ftp now allows you to use the current folder selection.
- Updated openssl dll’s to 0.9.7g
- Improved drawing for status console window.
- While the notes window is focused press alt+enter to show the notes in a larger window.
- Added skip reasons for empty folders and 0 byte files.
- Changed some of the numerical values to use thousands separators.
- Changed delete/move to show a progress of the current operation i.e (1 of 100).
- Added support for * and ? when using the find feature.
- The beep has been removed when pressing alt+enter in the site note window.
- An extra check to make sure flashfxp is active when detecting when the ctrl key pressed, because it caused problems when using -tray via the command line.
- Added ESC key to close the note window.

- Fixed Drawing issue when moving the mouse over an unchecked checkbox.
- A/V when performing "local browser > right click > explorer menu > rename" on the parent directory item.
- In the FTP File Search dialog the selection size / count weren't being calculated correctly.
- In some instances the Stop/Transfer Queue buttons weren't toggled properly.
- In some cases enabling the transfer graph appeared below the statusbar, it should of always appeared above the status bar.
- Double clicking the splitter/sizer for the transfer graph will now resize the graph to the default size.
- In some rare instances a race condition occured in the socks5 engine causing FlashFXP to lock up.
- Fixed a socks5 proxy bug when connecting to a site with Implicit SSL
- While FlashFXP is locked to the tray there was a way to circumvent the lock and show the main window, the main window remained locked only allowing view access.
- Send/Recv buffer sizes have been fixed, and reset to default values of 8kb/32kb. If you customized these settings, they will need to be reset.
- After loosing connection the Go/Stop buttons weren't displaying the proper state during the retry attempt.
- Proxy configuration issue when selecting proxy type 13.
- Abort will now abort a move operation on the ftp server.
- Manually disconnecting from a site during a transfer reset the transfer state and aborted the queue on the following file.
- The lock icon is now shown for SSL/TLS site to site transfers.
- Other minor fixes.


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