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Freebie Notes is an easy to use a tool using virtual sticky notes for those who continuously forget about their important meetings. Users can customize the colors and sizes of the notes in order to see which are more important.

Freebie Notes is a fully customizable notes organizer that can be used to remind you of your next appointment to the dentist or to pay an utility bill.

Features of Freebie Notes 3.4:

- Change note colors and font appearances.
- Set notes to remember your next due date for homework, a doctor's appointment, or your child's sporting event.
- Enjoy pop-up and audio actions when an event appears on your desktop.
- Review your entire notes and to re-edit them.
- Export notes to text files to allow the notes to be distributed or re-used.
- Can start up when Windows starts to remind you of appointments (preferred).
- Create an unlimited amount of notes.
What's New in Freebie Notes 3.55:

- Some minor bugs

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