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Internet Explorer 8 is the well-known browser from Microsoft featuring the same easy-to-use interface and new security features. This application has now a smarter built-in search engine and offers the possibility to surf the web on a shared computer without leaving a trace.

Features of Internet Explorer 11:

- Complete your everyday browsing activities like mapping directions, translating words, e-mailing friends, and more in just a few clicks.
- Browse the Web on a shared computer without leaving a trace, or shop for that special gift without anyone finding out, using InPrivate Browsing.
- Keep up with changes to the sites you care about most with the new Web Slices feature. Add a Web Slice and you won't have to go back to the same Web site again and again for updates on news, stock quotes, online auctions, weather, or even sports scores.
- Search smarter with detailed suggestions from your favorite search providers and browsing history. See visual previews and get suggested content topics while you type in the enhanced Instant Search Box.
- New security features help to protect you against deceptive and malicious Web sites which can compromise your data, privacy and identity.
What's New in Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.17126 (11.0.9 Update):

- Platform Preview 6 introduces two new major HTML5 features along with bug fixes and performance enhancements made since the release of Platform Preview 5 and the Internet Explorer 9 Beta. The HTML5 features include CSS3 2D Transforms, which provide a simple, declarative way to translate, rotate, and scale elements in two-dimensional space. Platform Preview 6 also now recognizes HTML5 Semantic Elements as object type HTMLElement and provides default styling for them. It also continues to improve the developer experience, with built-in javascript formatting in F12 that quickly turns unreadable, minified code into nicely formatted javascript for easier debugging.

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