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Zend Studio is an industry leading application used by all the PHP experts that helps to develop and take advantage of the latest PHP technologies.

Zend Studio 7.0 brings a host of new features and enhancements that will help you develop faster, resolve defects more quickly, and take advantage of the latest PHP technologies directly from your development environment.

With full support for PHP 5.3, greatly enhanced source code editing, easy debugging through integration with Zend Server, code generation through integration with Zend Framework, and improved performance, Zend Studio maintains its position as the leading solution for professional PHP developers.

Whether you’re a professional PHP developer, a system administrator, an IT executive or a newbie, you can rely on Zend for the right tools, services and know-how to ensure you unlock the true value of PHP.

Over 27,000 companies worldwide have deployed Zend’s products to date. Fortune 100 companies, Web 2.0 startups, software vendors, hosting providers, system integrators and freelance consultants, have all turned to Zend for enhancing their development, testing, deployment and production.
What's New in Zend Studio 12.5.1:

Resolved Tickets:
- Ticket 187947 - The Zend Framework Example project is configured with the correct buildpath entries
- Ticket 187838 - If one of the parameters is a function call parameter, the hint tooltip now shows the right hint
- Ticket 188440 - The Processing Dirty Regions error is no longer triggered with java.lang.StackOverflowError exception
- Ticket 187975 - The Zend Framework Tool no longer fails with the error "No tokenizer support"
- Ticket 188418 - In ODBC, db2 related functions are now shown in PHP Language libraries
- Ticket 186867 - The Zend Tool error "A project profile was not found" no longer appears

Resolved Bugs:
- 30047 - In the Registration dialog, the "User Name / " section has been removed, with the "Order #" section remaining in its place
- 30155 - The Semantic analyzer no longer shows an error/warning for duplicate class constants
- 30046 - To help troubleshoot Zend Studio issues, you can now add a "showlocation" flag to the ZendStudio.ini (on Windows and Linux)

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