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1. How do I download a file?
You should only have to click on the Download button for the file that you want to download. When your browser asks you what to do with the downloaded file, select Save (your browser's wording may vary) and pick an appropriate folder.

If that doesn't work for some reason, on Windows you can click the link with the second mouse button(right click) to get the pop-up menu and select Save target as... (again, the wording may vary).

2. There are 2 Download links/buttons. Should i download both files?
No, one of them is a mirror file. If the first link doesn't work, try the second one.

3. My download was corrupted! What's going on?
If your download is corrupted, the most likely problem is that your download failed to complete or was truncated for some reason. If you have a client that can automatically resume a download, try using it and see if that helps. Compare the file size as listed above - if they're different, there is a high probabilty this has happened to you!

4. I am on modem and don't trust Internet Explorer or Opera to download large files. What is a good solution?
There are many third party download managers. Fire up Google and search for some - common ones are FlashGet, GetRight, DAP, ReGet(more in Downloads section) It is strongly recommended to use a download manager if you're downloading large files. Internet Explorer does not support download resuming, and will not help you out if there is a problem with your download.

5. I've downloaded my software and now I can't find it.
Windows users can use the "Start", "Find", "Files or Folders..." tool to search their drive(s) for the downloaded file. If necessary, you may download the software again, paying close attention to the name of the directory to which the file(s) are saved.

6. What do I do with the file I downloaded?
Your computer may already have a program installed that can read file archives. Try clicking or double-clicking on the RAR, ZIP, ACE... file. If you have a file compression utility, this should launch it and allow you to extract the files it contains.
If you don't have a program that can handle archives, you will probably be asked to select a program to use. You can find all major file archivers and unarchivers in Downloads section.

Once you've extracted the files from the archive to a folder on your computer, you will want to install the program file, which ends in .exe, on your PC. You should be able to do this by double-clicking on it. Once the program is installed run it! ;)

7. What do I do if the download has the file extension .chm?
.chm is an HTML Help file compatible with Windows 95 or higher. However, users of Windows 95/98 may not have the latest HTML Help ActiveX controls installed on their computers. You need to download HTML Help Update (hhupd.exe). After you download the file, extract it into a folder and double-click on setup.exe to execute the setup program.

Windows XP, Windows 2000, Vista, 7 users should not need HTML Help Update. For more informatiom visit: HTML Help Frequently Asked Questions

8. What do I do if the download has the file extension .pdf or .lit?
.pdf (Portable Document Format) is a popular format for ebooks because it can be read on any operating system that has Adobe's free Acrobat Reader installed. Download Adobe Reader
.lit files may be read by any Pocket PC, desktop or laptop Windows computer that has downloaded the free Microsoft Reader. Download Microsoft Reader 2.1.1

9. Would you send me this program or links to download it?
We have thousands of visitors per day, imagine what would happen if we have to send files or links to everyone.

10. I lost my password for this program. Can you send me one?
NO, we don't supply licenses, passwords, serial numbers... Please go to vendor's site/store and ask him to help you.